Structured Water – PART TWO



How Our Units Work Better

How and Why Our Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units Work Better Than Any ​Other Water Structuring Technologies.

Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel, Pure Copper, Pure 24 Karat Gold or Silver, Precision-Ground Glass Spheres and our Proprietary Mineral Mix that provides substantially more benefit to the process of structuring water that do any other companies’ claims of “enhanced” products.

Built to Last for Generations

The Science Behind Our Technologies

Modern water treatment technologies only address the material properties of water while disregarding the energetic properties. Without correcting and enhancing the electromagnetic frequencies of the water, the health, vitality and productivity are compromised for animals, plants, people and the environment. Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units are natural energy generators that correct corrupt electromagnetic frequencies and enhance natural electromagnetic frequencies. Their technology employs an innovative application and advanced understanding of the vortex phenomenon utilizing the dynamic characteristic of water itself to create a unit that works at the molecular and electromagnetic level. This unit alters the molecular structure of the water, which activates it and allows it to absorb healthful frequencies.​

​Our Crystal Blue Structured Water Devices create soft water without taking the life-enhancing minerals like calcium and magnesium out of the water. Crystal Blue uses rare earth minerals and quartz compression to produce radiant energy frequencies that effectively reduce the surface tension and cluster size of water. This accelerates water’s ability to hydrate plant and animal tissues, penetrate soils and conserve water.

​Unlike other water structuring devices made of plastic, PVC, harsh chemicals, radioactive materials and toxic glues, all of Crystal Blue’s water structuring units are computer machined, individually hand-crafted precision instruments made of the finest food-grade NSF, ANSI and national and international plumbing code-compliant materials such as surgical grade stainless steel, pure copper and precision ground pure silica glass spheres along with our proprietary mineral mix, and tuned to the 432 Hz healing frequency – the best products with the best guarantees for the absolute best prices. Also, all the Crystal Blue Water Structuring units are filter free, chemical free, salt free and hassle free and are built to last generations.

These advanced devices are the result of years of hard work on the part of dedicated scientists, engineers and Crystal Blue’s core team of researchers who are together responsible for the units’ unmatched design, engineering, and performance. The Crystal Blue units have been proven in ongoing university-backed laboratory studies and consumer testing to be far more effective than any other water structuring devices yet developed.

Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units are available in sizes to fit in-line piping from 1/2″ to 12″ making them equally effective for home, apartment, commercial, greenhouse, livestock, or agricultural use. They’ve also designed smaller devices, such as hand held portable units, that you can take with you while travelling, as well as under the sink and shower units.

The Vortex

The Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit’s unique design accomplishes one of nature’s greatest miracles of regeneration and renewal by mimicking the natural spiraling motions and hydrologic cycles of water, creating a measurable increase in water’s ability to hydrate and nourish plant and animal tissues, penetrate soils and conserve water. This causes people, plants and animals to grow better and healthier. Users also report that their water feels naturally “soft”, especially in their showers, baths, hot tubs and pools, all without the need for harsh chemicals or salts.

The basic design incorporated into all of the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units was inspired by the science of implosion technology that was first developed by the great Austrian naturalist, Viktor Schauberger, based on his observations of water flowing in mountain streams. He realized that the flow dynamics of water followed a three dimensional vortex pattern – a pattern that occurs at every stage of the hydrologic cycle.

The process of optimizing water begins by passing the water through a collection of perfectly arrayed precision ground glass spheres arranged in a meticulously configured geometric pattern known as the “flow form.”

These forces, which are created by the internal action of the Crystal Blue flow form, cause the molecular bonds to stretch apart, just like the aforementioned metaphor of the spring. 

It is our theory that the “memory” or “information” that the water has collected and stored is contained inside the molecular bonds of the water itself and then released when those bonds become stretched due to the rotational motion of the vortex as demonstrated  in the following depiction.

Below is a two dimensional visual representation of the water flow dynamics occurring within our water structuring units. Instead of one sphere as depicted here, we have multiple columns of spheres which result in multiple toroidal vortexes within the unit which creates a more natural and effective structuring as opposed to at least one other company’s product which brags about simply spinning the water in only one direction within a strong magnetic field. You can read more about the actual effects of magnetic fields on water and of their PROPER application in structuring water in this section and in Section 13.

Here is a really interesting video about the vortex 

When water flows in a multi-toroidal vortex pattern, many interrelated benefits begin to occur. I say begin to occur because unlike several false claims being made by other companies, vortexing is not the “end all” to the proper structuring of water, but one of many interrelated “pieces to the puzzle” that are described in more detail in the following sections below.

Water Does Remember

You may recall earlier that we spoke about the work of numerous researchers proving that water has “memory.” You may also remember that we spoke earlier about the bonds of water molecules as being like springs. When water spins, it is placed under a tremendous torsional load as a result of the centrifugal forces being generated, which can be considerable.

The spiraling motion of the vortex has been discovered to be the foundational basis for all life. Examples of this can be seen in the electromagnetic fields generated by the human heart, in the basic shape of a tree, and even in the geometric structure of the universe itself.

For a really good explanation of this phenomenon, please watch the first 2 minutes and 22 seconds of the following video. BTW, this video also helps to explain the ubiquitous nature of electromagnetism throughout all of the universe that is further explained in greater detail later in this article.

The vortex is the mainstay of what is referred to as implosion technology and the toroidal vortex in particular is considered to be one of the main mechanisms responsible for imbuing water with its critical ecological functions of renewal and life support.

Vortices are the energy transformers and energy accumulators in nature, and opposing vortices (such as found in the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units) are what nature most often uses to create healthy water. A vortex can increase the vibrational state of any electromagnetic frequency and it can restore the natural energy patterns to something that has been corrupted. Vortex flow technology provides the ability to remediate all forms of pollution in water by transforming the electromagnetic frequencies of the water back to their healthy state.

When water flows in a multi-toroidal vortex pattern, the following benefits begin to occur. I say begin to occur because unlike several false claims being made by other companies, vortexing is not the “end all” to the proper structuring of water, but one of many interelated “pieces to the puzzle” that are described in more detail in the following sections below.

  • Disorganized water molecules become organized
  • Ordered molecular patterns are created from chaos
  • Corrupted electromagnetic frequencies are transformed
  • Beneficial electromagnetic frequencies and environmental information are accumulated
  • But before you go any further, I’m going to insist that you watch the next very important video to help you understand the man from which all of this research really began.

OK, I’m encouraging you…

BTW, the video lays out many present day attempts worldwide at creating technologies to enhance the effectivness and structure of water. Not to brag (too much), but we’re way ahead of them all…


All of the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units produce a natural phenomenon known as piezoelectricity in much the same way that a piece of silica crystal will generate electricity when squeezed in your hand, or within the deepest bowels of the earth itself.

So how do they do this? Simple really…

Whenever a crystalline substance such as tourmaline or quartz is compressed, a voltage is produced on the surface of the crystal along a specific axis. Normally, the charges in a piezoelectric crystal are exactly balanced even if they’re not symmetrically arranged. The effect of the charges exactly cancel each other out leaving no net charge on the crystal faces. If you squeeze the crystal hard or long enough you force the charges out of balance. Now the effects of the charges (their dipole moments) no longer cancel one another out and net positive and negative charges appear on opposite crystal faces. By squeezing the crystal, you’ve produced a voltage across its opposite faces – and that is piezoelectricity!

How Piezoelectricity is used by Crystal Blue

The mineral mix (more about it follows below) that completely surrounds the inner core of the unit is compressed under considerable amounts of pressure being exerted on the the crystalline material. This can only be accomplished because of the strength, thickness and quality of the surgical grade stainless steel and pure copper inner tubes that we have opted to use.

In addition, in order to more effectively conduct the piezoelectricity to the water, we have inserted a pure copper rod down the middle of the sphere stack which serves as an electrical attractant (sort of like how a lighting rod will attract a bolt of lightning), drawing the electrical and scalar energies and mineral frequencies being produced within the compressed mineral mix directly into the center of the inner copper chamber of the unit where the water is flowing. This feature further serves to charge the water with an abundance of natural energy that no other water structuring technology can match.

So getting back into the intricate function and design of the interior of the device itself – tightly packed within the walls of every Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit is our proprietary blend of various crystals (hence the name “Crystal” Blue), selected rare earth and infrared generating minerals and powdered Shungite.

The mineral mix shown above is one of several different recipes that we use depending on the application, while also taking into account various international import/export laws which may require modifications in the amount and type of ingredients used. But be rest assured that all of the mixes provide superior results not achieved by any other company, some of whom are now trying their best to convince you that their products and rudimentary mineral mixes are equal to or better than Crystal Blue’s perfect blends with slick marketing terms such as “Dynamically Enhanced” or “Biophotonic Energy Resonance Systems”.

And finally, the two most important substances contained within our propriatry Mineral Mix that are unique to Crystal Blue alone are:

  1. A highly prized and very rare paramagnetic and semi-conductive substance that we affectionately call “Power Rock™”. ​BTW, our “Power Rock™” IS NOT the simple iron magnetite now being marketed by other companies as the answer to structuring water (It is not). You can read more about “Power Rock™” in Section 16 below; and​
  2. What are known as orbitally rearranged and naturally occurring monatomic minerals (ORME’s). The ORME’s are produced exclusively for Crystal Blue’s use under a proprietary and very sophisticated manufacturing process. You can read more about this amazing material and its profound effect on all living tissue in Section 12 below.

As we all know, pressure creates heat. In this case, the pressure being exerted on the crystalline-mineral mix causes a very slight amount of heat to be generated within the atoms of the crystals themselves.

Without describing the complexities of how the heat is being generated, the excitation of the electrons causes them to move into a higher orbit further away from the nucleus. Remember “stretching the spring?”

If so, it is then easy to imagine how much energy is required to move the electrons out of their normal orbits. And if the heat (or energy) applied is great enough, some of the electrons develop enough energy to simply break away from the atoms altogether. This stream of free electrons is what we all know as “electricity” which is directly used for the growth and repair of the cell.

However, if the energy is not great enough to completely dislodge the electrons from their orbits and cast them off as free electricity, but instead only temporarily raises them to a “higher energy state”, then the electrons will eventually return to their original, or lower energy state. This condition is much like that which occurs when the stretched spring snaps back together thereby releasing all of its pent-up energy. Only in this case, the energy is released not as the familiar sound and motion of the spring, but as pure light, which light is also directly used for the good of the cell (more about that is discussed in the section entitled “Visible and Infrared Light”, which follows after the explanation on “Power Rock™” further on).

But for now you may want to take another break and sit back and enjoy this incredible video presentation speech given by Dr, Gerald Pollack, one of the world’s most acknowledged experts in the study of the effects of electricity on structuring water.

Please Note** There is another feature of structured water that I have not yet spoken about. To test whether or not the water being viewed is properly structured, all one has to do is measure how much of the ultraviolet spectrum of light in the 270 nanometer range that the water will absorb. The more light absorbed, the more highly structured or organized the water is. Our preliminary tests (which we fully expect to be confirmed shortly by various reputable testing laboratories around the world), show that our newest generation of Crystal Blue units are producing the highest amount of structured water seen to date. And our waters are carrying far more beneficial energies and information.

The Ultimate Element

Please take a few minutes to look over the Periodic Table shown below while paying particular attention to the element Iridium which is part of a larger family of elements known as “The Transition Elements.”

I am going to tell you a story that you may first think is a modern day fairy tale. To academia, it may even bring scornful mockery because it flies in the face of what many western educated scientists still hold as sacred. I say that because it is a story that western science has already proven to be 100% accurate, as you will soon see, even if they refuse to see it for themselves in spite of the overwhelming body of their own evidence to the contrary. Perhaps the philosopher/scientist Claude Bernard said it best: “When one is confronted with a fact which is in direct opposition with a prevalent theory, one must accept the fact and abandon the theory, even though the latter, supported by great men, may be generally subscribed to.” In short, truth is always first scorned and ridiculed and then only much later on accepted as being “self evident.”

Research conducted by the United States government at the Biochemistry Laboratory at the US Naval Air Development Facility found that each one of our body’s 70 trillion cells is at all times in direct and constant communication with every other cell via an elaborate electromagnetic “superconductor field”, or pathway. They identified a unique substance, an atomic element they proved to be the basis of this cellular communication. In healthy, happy people, this element was readily seen in abundance. But in sick, diseased, depressed or highly stressed individuals, this element was scarce or in some cases even non-existent. The element was isolated, concentrated, analysed and eventually found to be a silvery-white powdery element exhibiting what is known as a “transition molecular chemistry.” Its chemistry is very similar to Iridium found in the middle of the Periodic Table above at position 77. They called this white powdery substance “Element X” or “Element 2674” or “Iridium 2674”. The gentleman that developed the proprietary process for making Element X (and who is providing it exclusively for Crystal Blue for this purpose) rather affectionately calls his mineral child “The Ultimate Element”, and for good reason. It has more recently been identified as belonging to a previously unknown class of elements now known as orbitally rearranged monatomic elements or “ORME” for short. The ORME’s display characteristics which completely defy the laws of western science.

The great Russian scientist Sakarov declared in many of his writings that any substance that, following transmutation (or the changing from one element to another), becomes stabilized and weighs less than 56% in relation to its original weight is a material that has successfully bent both space and time. In other words, such “Exotic Matter” is multidimensional and becomes the perfect cellular superconductor for all life on earth. In its pure state, and due to its incredibly fast “molecular spin”, “Element X” does not respond in any way to the “laws” of the material universe, being virtually weightless in relation to its physical mass in this dimension of space/time.

As opposed to the normal appearance of Iridium, which is a hard, silvery-white metal, Iridium 2674 takes the form of the aforementioned silvery-white powder that animates all of the colors of the rainbow (which equates to all of the colors of life). In fact, the name “Iridium” means “Rainbow”.

Without going into all of the theories of modern physics, let’s take a look at the facts that are now proven:

  1. The human body performs literally thousands of complex biological transmutations every second of every minute of every day (Research carried out by Dr. C. Louis Kervan, Research Fellow, New York Academy of Sciences, et al.). In other words, primary mineral elemental crystals are biologically transmuted into a diverse array of chemicals, proteins, amino acids, and even other minerals as needed on the cellular level.
  2. Elemental density and magnetic levels must be constantly available and consistent for this reaction to occur (Sakarov and Puthof).
  3. Element X is the substance that has now been identified as being the material which governs all biological transmutations while also keeping the DNA intact. It also acts like a conductor of a massive 10,000 piece orchestra who must keep all instruments in tune and in perfect harmony.
  4. Element X also exhibits multidimensional characteristics – i.e., it defies both the commonly accepted laws of attraction and the corresponding time/space continuum. It is literally a “flux capacitor” (Puthof in his widely acclaimed scientific treatise entitled: “Gravity as a Zero Point-Fluctuation Force.”
  5. Any truly superconductive material performs its task via a single frequency of PURE LIGHT (Sakarov, Haisch, et, al.)

Perhaps the most stunning of all studies so far conducted is the decade long research carried out by a major pharmaceutical company who, for the obvious reasons shown below, did not want their findings made public. It was at the time reported that researchers for the company administered a mysterious “silvery-white” powder to lab animals as well as to selected human subjects. The substance was only identified as being a “transition element” closely related to Iridium – yet slightly different. The unpublished results were simply mind boggling. The powder was shown to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and demonstrably anti-cancer. In short, it actually reverted many deadly disease states and did so by renewing the cellular DNA while also strengthening the overall immune system. The answer as to how Element X accomplishes so many miraculous effects is relatively simple. The damaged cell soon withers and dies, followed in turn by the individual tissues and organs which eventually leads to a catastrophic breakdown of the entire body. It doesn’t take too much imagination to figure out that any superconductive substance that emits the specific healing light frequencies to the cellular DNA will, over time, correct the damage thereby allowing the cells, tissues and organs to heal on their own.

So why is all of this important to our Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units? You’ll learn how and why in the following sections and especially in Section 17 – “Absorption, Storage and Conveyance of Natural Energy and Information.”

Magnetic Fields and the “Lenz Effect”

As stated above, all of the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units and Biophosonic devices generate substantial piezoelectrical fields. It is widely known that an electrical field in turn is always accompanied by a magnetic field. In other words, the two always go together – hence the term “electromagnetism”.

​It is also widely known that a vortex (mentioned earlier) also creates a magnetic field. As explained previously, all of our water structuring units produce not one, but a multitude of mini vortexes.

It is also known in the fields of plant and animal biology and human physiology that all life forms on the earth rely on the weak magnetic fields of the earth itself to remain healthy.

Our observations show that our Crystal Blue devices produce the optimum amount of magnetic force (not too much and not too little), to sustain and enhance cellular growth and repair, hence health. The following video will give you a better understanding of the subject:

In an effort to try to “wow” you with their “advanced technologies or “enhanced” versions of their products, there are other companies out there now adding powerful artificial magnets or minor amounts of one or two mineral powders to their units in an effort to try to duplicate what we do, but can not. I mean just think about it. Where in nature is water ever exposed to static (not pulsing like the earth’s) magnetic field strengths on the order of 10 to 100 million times the earth’s own magnetic field? No where.

So why are they doing this?

Simple, their units are not capable of producing their own naturally-occurring healthy resonant frequencies and electromagnetic fields of optimal strength like our units do, and so, those other companies attempt to mimic our truly advanced technologies using artificial means and methods that contribute little (if any) value to the water whatsoever.

Static Electrical Charges

Give a kid a balloon and eventually he or she will figure out how to make it stick to their head by rubbing it against their own hair (But please – do not ask me what my then young son figured out what he could do with his balloon…).

​The attractive force generated by rubbing the balloon is known as static electricity. Perhaps the most dramatic effect of static electricity can be seen in a lightning bolt.

When water passes through a magnetic field, it too develops a static electrical charge that is very similar to the child’s balloon, or – the lightning bolt. Again, as a reminder, electrical energy is simply the movement of free electrons through a conductive material such as silver, copper, air or water.

As explained above, because the compressed mineral mix is completely surrounding the pure copper inner core of the unit where the water passes through, the water finds itself completely engulfed in the perfect balance of magnetic and paramagnetic charges and semiconductor materials. The water rushing through the unit simultaneously then gives rise to a static electrical field which in turn amplifies the aforementioned magnetic field that gave rise to the static electrical field in the first place!


Many people have asked us why our Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units reduce or in some cases seem to even eliminate the bad taste and apparent harmful effects of the chlorine and fluoride compounds in their drinking, shower and bath water. First, please understand that the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units are not water filters. Hence, they do not directly remove the physical materials from the water. Nor were they designed for that purpose. That is not to say however that they do not address the problem from a different perspective. Rather, the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units, more than any other water enhancement devices out there, serve to realign the actual molecular structure of the water by bringing the water back to the more energetic and healthy state that nature originally intended it to be. Please also keep in mind that the process of removing the physical contaminants from the water through simple filtration does in no way remove, or even reduce, the harmful biological effects of the toxins even after they have been physically removed. The reason for this is simple really and involves the now well-documented process of Frequency Transfer that is briefly explained in this “Note” and then in greater detail under Section 16 of this article entitled – “Absorption, Storage and Conveyance of Natural Energy and Information”.

So here is my take on it. For the scientifically sophisticated among you, please keep in mind that this is only a simple explanation for the benefit of those who do not have a background in the subject. This is only my theory at this point and new testing methods will be required to see if I am right. That being said, we do know something very positive is happening and that the water does taste and feel better and that muscle, plant and GDV testing is strongly supporting the personal observations of many people worldwide.

Chlorine and Fluorine both belong to a family of substances known as the Halogens which are all very chemically reactive. The reason that they are so reactive is that they are electron deficient, meaning that they are lacking an electron in their outer shell.

Any atom or molecule lacking in an electron will want to steal one from something else to complete its outer shell, be it from another atom or molecule. Such a substance is known as an “oxidant.” The reason that oxidants can be so damaging to living tissue is that they steal electrons from the cell membranes and cell walls themselves, thereby causing the tissues to weaken.

As shown above, the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units produce a large amount of direct-current piezoelectricity as well as static electrical charges. Electricity is nothing more than unattached electrons flowing through a conductor, such as metal wire or water.

So here are my basic thoughts: The free electrons are readily available to fill those electron gaps which in turn satisfy the electron needs of the chlorine and fluorine making them far less reactive (or even completely non-reactive) hence, far less oxidizing (damaging). Or to put it more simply, because the ravenous appetites of chlorine and fluoride compounds for free electrons are being satisfied with the excess electrons of the structured water, they stop attacking the cell walls and membranes.

Chlorine and Fluorine atoms with missing electron shells being filled.

A more in-depth explanation is that many of the well known harmful effects of chlorine, fluoride, organic chemicals & heavy metals (which harmful effects have now been shown by GDV, Sprout and Brix testing to be caused more by the toxic frequencies they leave behind in the water rather than the presence of the physical substances themselves), can be reduced or even eliminated altogether simply by:

1. As stated above, by supplying the extra electrons that many of the harmful chemicals need to satisfy their “hunger” for free electrons, which would change their physical chemical configuration, hence their harmful characteristics. If this is true, it could then mean that the toxic effects of the chemical are being neutralized. A good example would be common sea salt – a necessary substance for the body. Composed of two toxic elements (sodium and chlorine), when combined together they create a nutrient absolutely essential for life; and

2. At the same time releasing the toxic frequencies stored within the bonding sites of the water molecules and clusters themselves. With our use of pure, precision-ground and frequency-tuned glass spheres, the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units appear to release the toxic frequencies stored within the water bonds due to the shearing effect of the substantial rotational forces being generated within the devices (remember “stretching the spring”). This effect, in turn, serves to reduce or eliminate the toxic effects of these harmful substances.

That being said, and again while we do not claim that our Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units eliminate the chemical residues such as pesticides from the water, nor are we allowed by law to make any specific health claims about structured water (as other companies are now doing), we do know from plant, animal and GDV testing that the harmful effects of drinking toxic water appear to be rendered biologically harmless to the living cell. The GDV, plant and animal tests pictured throughout our web site were all primarily done using water heavily-laden with toxic agricultural and sanitizing chemicals.

3. Another obvious contributing factor to the beneficial effect of structured water is the fact that it dramatically raises the vital energy of the cell, thereby allowing the plant, animal or person to function at a much higher (and overall healthier) energy level. This higher state of vitality will, in and of itself, enable the cell to withstand substantially more toxic stress without suffering from the debilitating consequences that an otherwise enervated cell would exhibit.

Regarding the noticeable improvement in the taste and texture of the Crystal Blue Structured Water, it appears that the molecular bonds binding the chlorine and fluoride compounds together are appreciably weakened during their journey through our unit. This weakening then causes the bonds to begin to unravel thereby allowing the Chlorine and Fluoride to be converted to gases which then easily dissipate into the atmosphere.

I believe the harmful effects of chlorine are being reduced or completely eliminated by the device, let us stop for a moment and consider the physical characteristics of a liquid versus the same liquid existing in a gaseous or vaporized state, such as the steam being produced in your shower.

If you could actually see the individual molecules in the liquid (Good luck if you can. You have better eyes than I do), you would see that in comparison to those same molecules in the vapor, the liquid molecules are congregated much closer together to one another, hence reducing the total surface area of the liquid. Or to put it another way, one gallon of liquid water when changed into steam would easily fill a whole room, and that is exactly what happens when you are in the shower.

So, because the vaporized chlorine molecules are randomly drifting farther apart from one another, they obviously have more exposed surface area, hence a greater opportunity to combine with the electrons made freely available by the device. And because it is easier for the molecules and electrons to combine with one another, the chlorine gas in the steam will be more easily neutralized than if it were in the more compressed (meaning less accessible) liquid state.
Again, I want you the reader to understand that what I just said is only a reflection of my current understanding of the nature of the incredibly dynamic and complex substance that we all know as water. As such, I can not say for sure that I am right. But as of right now I have also not heard anyone else coming up with a better explanation.

Regardless, we do know that something very good is happening because of the many reports of satisfied users letting us know that their hair and skin feel cleaner and softer and that the chlorine smell from the shower has either been reduced or eliminated altogether.

Pure 24 Karat Gold + Crystal Blue Stainless Steel Hand Held and Shower ​Units – A Beautiful Combination

Most of us have an intrinsic appreciation for Gold that goes beyond its obvious durability and beauty. And it turns out that Gold has a very definite and very positive effect on water as well.

As many of you who have been reading this web site may remember, this section was devoted to the topic of the beneficial effect of Graphene for its ability to protect the copper inner core on our Stainless Steel Handheld, Faucet, Under Sink and Shower Water Structuring units from corrosion due to oxidation caused by repeated exposure to the air, and we were using it with good success on our original prototypes. But the thought kept pestering me to look more closely into electroplating our inner copper tubes with pure 24 karat Gold instead, and I am very glad I listened to my own advice! We tried it out and boy does it work, and works really well – better even than the Graphene! So what could I do? Yes, it is VERY expensive, but I also want to be able to sleep at night…

So, and with all due consideration of the extra expense aside, I am proud to say that we are the GOLD STANDARD in all the world when it comes to treating water the way it should be treated.

“Power Rock™”

Any discussion of why our Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units are better than any others would not be complete without a further explanation about the aforementioned “Power Rock™”. To say the least, it is a VERY special material in that it is one of the tw0 “Engines that powers all of our Crystal Blue products by dramatically increasing their ability to enhance water and the entire environment in ways like no other products can, or will EVER be able to do (the other “Engine is the aforementioned and very proprietary “Ultiimate Element” that I just spoke about in Section 11).

An independent mineral assays done at prestigious analytical laboratory in the North America, as well as our own research, confirms that our “Power Rock™” is one of the most elusive and important mineral substances on the planet, containing nearly all of the naturally-occurring mineral elements while showing extraordinarily high amounts of precious and semi precious minerals, crystals, paramagnetics and semiconductors.

Because our “Power Rock™” contains such a high level of semiconductor elements it is able to conduct the substantial amount of energy being generated within the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units directly into the water. No other company or product can make this claim.

In addition, the “Power Rock™” also exhibits extraordinarily high levels of broad spectrum paramagnetic properties. More about the importance of paramagnetism’s beneficial effect on water and living cells follows below in the section entitled “Paramagnetism”.

One more thing: We have been told by top geologists that we have the only available source of the precious rock in the entire world, and we have not shared it with anyone else. So if you ever run into anyone else making this claim – don’t believe it.

Visible and Infrared Light

Every plant, animal and human cell requires natural light to live and grow. The plant obviously needs it as the catalyst for the miracle we all know of as photosynthesis which allows the plant cell to manufacture food for not only itself, but for all life on the earth.

Likewise, both people and animals also need light to live. Each one of our cells contains within them a multitude of unimaginably small light receptors that gather in light in the form of “photons” that occur in both the infrared and visible light spectrums. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, think of a photon as a tiny bundle or package of pure light energy. ​

As I mentioned above in the section entitled “Piezoelectricity”, some (but not all) of the energy being produced as a direct result of the enormous amount of pressure being exerted on the mineral mix contained within our units is converted into pure light, or “photons”. Or to put it another way – the “energy” of life itself…

The picture below is of an actual photon filmed using a GDV camera.

Enlargement of a photon

For a really great article about the importance of light and energy in producing healthy water (or “EZ Water” as Dr. Gerald Pollack calls it), please click the link below:​


Absorption, Storage and Conveyance of Natural Energy and Information

Another fundamental property of most crystalline substances, including both water and silica, is their ability to absorb, store and then broadcast back into their environment of all the electromagnetic frequencies that carry both information and energy within their field of influence. We have figured out a way to imbue the crystal spheres we use with the natural resonant frequencies spoken of in more detail below and in another article entitled “Healthy Natural Frequencies”, found under the menu heading of FREQUENCIES.

Frequency Transfer Explained

Each natural element of the Periodic Table contained within the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units has a specific role to play in supporting and enhancing life processes. Each mineral, crystal and sonic waveform encased within the pressurized wrap that surrounds the vortex chamber of the water unit also plays a vital role in supporting the cell.

As water flows through the device, it is transformed into a more vibrant state ideally suited for absorbing the full array of healthy information contained within the mineral wrap encasing the inner core of the unit.

What is taking place within the unit is a literal wireless information download into the water as the water passes through the energized chamber. This download of information represents the transfer of light energy which emanates from the chamber into the water.

The information is the energy signature of each substance contained within the chamber and each substance has a particular frequency which represents it’s function. This amazing process takes place without the water ever coming into physical contact with the mineral wrap itself.

The phenomena of frequency transfer is the natural means by which all matter in its various forms receive, store and transmit information which travels from one source to another via electromagnetic waves.

These waves of energy can be measured to determine their frequency which indicates the source and type of information being transmitted.

This is the means by which cells are able to communicate with such speed and efficiency. It is a principle which has been proved, confirmed and verified by renown scientists around the world.

Science reveals that cells are sustained, energized and repaired via light energy which is carried into all life forms by food and water as well as via energy emanations from all forms of matter on, below and above the earth.

Consequently, the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units are harnessing light energy emanating from the pressurized (turbo charged) chamber thus optimizing the volume, diversity and quality of light energy being carried into plants, animals, soils and people resulting in increased productivity and health.

The Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit is a significant improvement over all previous water enhancement units designed and built by Crystal Blue Enterprises, or anyone else for that matter.

The two primary forces that work upon water to structure it are motion and energy.

  1. The Toroidal Vortex is a picture of perfect motion.
  2. The EMF spectrum reveals the fullness of light which is energy.

The device harnesses both of these natural forces (among the many others described in this article) to create water that brings an abundance of health and vitality to plants, people, animals and the environment.

Paramagnetic Fields

Like light, every cell in your body requires natural magnetic fields to function properly. This observation, and the majestic interplay of magnetic and paramagnetic energy (explained below), is supported by the following statement from Philip S. Callahan, PhD, in his book, Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Nature’s Secret of Growth (Acres USA):

“We may easily understand then that the paramagnetic forces of rock amplify not only ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) radio waves in the atmosphere generated by lightning, but also the photon waves generated in the infrared and visible control region of life. Life processes are not only electronic, like the nervous system, but also very much photonic (or light producing) in nature. Life’s communication system’s messages are carried by photons, as are AT&T’s communication signals.”

Paramagnetic rock is a substance that, while not inherently magnetic in and of itself, becomes magnetized when in the presence of a magnetic field or substance.

Included in every Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit and EC-1 Harmful Electromagnetic protection device is the aforementioned proprietary mineral mix containing a unique paramagnetic substance that we call “Power Rock™”. In addition to Dr. Callahan’s observations above, the “Power Rock™” also has a profound influence on water. When it is brought near water, the collective force from billions of individual paramagnetic rock particles generates a non-polar magnetic field that brings rapid molecular organization to water.

Scalar Fields

Scalar fields are non-directional emanations of pure kinetic energy resulting from the collapsing Hertzian Wave Form reverberating within the multi-dimensional fabric of Space/Time.

OK. I admit it. I was just having some fun. Let’s simplify.

First, let’s picture a wave traveling across the ocean.

This is very similar to what energy would look like as it travels through space and time (if we could see it). It is called a Hertzian Wave.

Now picture two giant waves on the ocean travelling one from the east and one from the west and colliding in the middle of the ocean. Question: What happens to those two waves? Do they create one bigger wave? If so, what direction would it be travelling in as we all know that for it to remain a wave would mean that it had to be travelling somewhere.
The answer is no, they do not create a bigger wave. Rather, the two waves destroy one another.

But we also know that energy can neither be created or destroyed, but only transformed. So where did all of the energy of such a titanic collision go?

Answer – with the collapse of the Hertzian Wave form, the energy contained within the system then moved outward in a non-directional and multidimensional plane.

This energy is known as a Scalar Field and was first theorized by James Maxwell over 130 years ago and thereafter confirmed by none other than the brilliant Nicola Tesla himself.

Scalar fields exist out of relative time and space. They do not radiate as waves but expand outwards in circles of energy. Scalar energy does not decay over time or distance from its source. It is unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter. It has the capacity to carry information and tremendous power. This is what occurs within the Crystal Blue units when the subtle mineral and healing frequencies embedded into the units are passed directly into the water and even the surrounding environment itself.

The space that the scalar energy occupies is not a vacuum but comprises a network of harmoniously balanced fields. This Scalar Energy occurs naturally but cannot be measured by modern day instruments which are designed to measure hertzian energy frequencies and wavelengths. However, its effect on objects can be strikingly demonstrated with Kirlian photography or Gas Discharge Visualization (as can be seen again in the GDV Photos below).

And yes, Scalar Fields can also be witnessed directing the dance of the Starlings in the incredible video I showed you before that I am posting here again simply because well – I just feel like it…

Reduced Surface Tension

We all know that if you jump off a ten story bridge into a body of water, you are probably not going to feel very good (if you survive). Most of us also know that water beads and that water skippers don’t drown.

The reason that water has surface tension is easily seen in its molecular structure. You may recall that I spoke of the molecular bonds of water as being polar, which means that they are slightly electromagnetically charged. These electromagnetic magnetic poles line up in such a way as to cause the water to create tension on its surface. The pictures below describe it better than I can explain it with words:

This high surface tension makes it hard for the water to penetrate the cell membrane (in people and animals) or the cell wall (in plants), which in turn leads to dehydration, a very bad thing…

Molecularly disorganized (or unstructured) water has a much greater surface tension than structured water due to the unstructured water’s loss of essential electrical charge. This means that structured water can much more easily and efficiently penetrate into the interior of the cell allowing the structured water to carry into the cell all of the necessary vital energy and nutrients while also removing all of the cellular waste products.

Below is a graphic depiction of how reduced surface tension water will more easily penetrate hardened soil, making it much more available to the plant which means far less of the world’s dwindling water supplies water would be needed to produce enough food for livestock and people.

Cellular dehydration is a major contributor to cell damage. Pre-treating your water with a Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit will dramatically increase cellular hydration due to decreased surface tension in the water. In order for your cells to acquire the proper hydration, the surface tension of your drinking water needs be lower than the surface tension of your cell walls. The Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit will provide your body with one of its most essential needs – hydration!

Independent testing has proven that our Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units reduce water’s surface tension far more than any other product yet designed.

The 432 Hertz Frequency

Nicola Tesla stated that everything in the universe – including our own bodies – is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, and that what we call matter doesn’t exist. It’s all energy!

Over 80 years ago a renowned frequency research pioneer named Dr. Georges Lakhovsky identified the frequency of 728 Hertz, which at the time he believed to be “The Universal Life Frequency”. It was thereafter also identified by the equally inventive genius, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, as being one of the most beneficial and healing of all of the frequencies that he studied. An interesting point is that the 728 Hz frequency is a natural harmonic of the 432 Hz frequency, so by using the 432 Hz frequency you are also receiving the full benefits of the 728 Hz frequency as well.

Recent ground breaking research into the 432 Hertz frequency has brought us an entirely new understanding of the possibilities of enhancing and promoting health and vitality in plants, animals and people. In short, the implications for its proper use are nothing short of staggering. While the beneficial effects of the 432 Hz frequency have been known for some time, science was at a loss to adequately explain how and why this is so. It was not until recently that seminal research was able to provide us with detailed insight into its hidden mystery.

Another fascinating bit of recently discovered information reveals that music writing symbols are virtually all pictographs of sound energy flowing as it follows the Fibonacci ratio (aka the “Golden Mean”). The Golden Mean is a mathematical construct that is evidenced throughout all of nature in such seemingly divergent patterns as seashells, sunflower petals, DNA and hurricanes.

Based on the mentioned research above, Crystal Blue has now fully incorporated the 432 Hz frequency into their already proven line of water-enhancing and frequency-based technologies (you can read all about those Crystal Blue technologies in the articles listed above under “Frequencies”), with the expectation of more than doubling the astonishing effects that have been produced so far.

Preliminary research is showing that with the use of the 432 Hz frequency, along with the already well-established modalities of science-based water and frequency transfer, Crystal Blue is now able to bring the science of water enhancement to a level never seen before.