About Us – Crystal Blue Water Solutions

On behalf of all of the many good people who have made this effort possible, both the staff and dedicated distributors and volunteers worldwide, we would like to personally thank you for stopping by and visiting with us and for your interest in building a better world through the proper application of knowledge.

We are a diverse group of people who came together as a result of our individual explorations into the true nature and potential of water and the proper application of natural background frequencies for the purpose of improving our food supply and the health of people everywhere. As you no doubt already know, the recent dramatic decline of people’s health is in large part due to the compromised quality of our food and water due to environmental and electromagnetic pollution. We came together with a history of five decades of combined experience in caring for our environment and seeking to understand its mysteries – with a goal of reversing this disturbing trend.

Our Focus

Our main focus is on providing you the very best products for enhancing your life and the lives of those you love. Toward that end, we rely on the most scientifically-advanced and reproducible testing methods and equipment available such as:

  • Tensiometers (to measure water’s surface tension).
  • Refractometers (to measure the Brix or food-nutrient levels).
  • Water Hardness and Turbidity Testers.
  • Sprout Testing (an easy and very reliable way to prove the beneficial effects of Hydrating Water on living tissue).
  • Agricultural Field Testing (on all types of crops and livestock).
  • Dark Field Microscopes (to measure the positive effects of Hydrating Water and healthy frequencies on human and animal blood).
  • Kinesiological Testing (a simple way to demonstrate the dramatic strengthening effects of Hydrating Water and healthy frequencies on the entire body).
  • Bacteriological Testing (our Hydrating Units have been proven to reduce and even eliminate harmful bacteria).
  • Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) cameras (revealing biophotonic pulsations of light discharges indicating a high amount of cellular energy).
  • CymaScope (to measure the positive effects of energy and information on pure water and our environment in real time).

For the skeptics among you, we at Crystal Blue understand that the whole idea of being able to technologically realign the molecular structure of water may seem ridiculous at first glance, or that unseen man-made background frequencies may be causing us harm. We freely admit that we felt the same way when we first began looking into both subjects many years ago. But after reviewing all of the science, we came to realize that both scenarios are real and that they have a very profound impact on all of our lives, both good and bad.

We are also aware of all of the hype and pseudo-science about the subjects of water and harmful man-made electromagnetic frequencies that are now being promulgated as fact. We want you to know that we do not support such unsubstantiated claims and that we rely only on solid and reproducible scientific evidence in support of our position regarding the existence and positive benefits of healthy water and enriched environmental frequencies that are both now within our ability to duplicate.

You have our commitment that we will always do our best to bring you the most reliable and up-to-date, fact-based information on the subjects we present, while also realizing that there may be times when, for the sake of clarity, we may also need to offer our opinions to “fill in the gaps,” so to speak.

In addition, in an effort to eliminate possible placebo effects, the majority of our testing and development has been done with thousands of acres of food crops and tens of thousands of animals. Plants and animals do not have an agenda, nor are the results influenced by what the subjects “expected” as in cases where the placebo effect on people often contaminates the results.

It stands to reason that if plants and animals show signs of improved growth, health and well-being in response to structured water and natural resonant frequencies, so too will people who are also dependent upon the same inputs to sustain life. While some might argue that this is too great a leap in logic, we leave it up to you to judge for yourself.

We will also not attempt to “wow” you with esoteric sounding names for our products or postulate obscure opinions, prejudices and theories as scientific fact. While theorizing is an initial step of scientific inquiry, its proper function is to spur the development of hypotheses which are then tested by controlled studies to produce replicable data bearing on the accuracy of the hypotheses and ultimately, perhaps, supporting the theory.

Our approach has been to look to the natural world and observe how nature itself nurtures us all. Our theories and hypotheses about what might be possible are guided by the effort to as closely as possible mimic what nature does. Nature works most efficiently when left to itself, unaffected by the unnatural and​ deleterious assaults caused by people.

Given that observation, it makes perfect sense that in order to reverse the damage done by man, we need only to observe and analyze nature for clues as to how things were designed to work and then implement the cures. This has been the driving force behind the concepts that have resulted in the Crystal Blue technologies.

On the other hand, theorizing and speculations should not be used as “smoke and mirrors” or slight-of-hand sales gimmicks. We will present what we have seen in our research and distinguish between observable results and theory or speculations.

New research about water is revealing that it is very complex and capable of things beyond our ordinary scientific understanding. We have results about WHAT healthy water can do. However, as to exactly HOW and WHY structured water can accomplish the things it does is, for the present moment (and in many cases), beyond our current ability to adequately explain.

Accordingly, throughout our web site we will present the results for WHAT water can do, provide cases where others have experienced the WHAT, and offer our best understanding as to HOW it happens in easy to understand language.

We believe that Crystal Blue products are the world’s most advanced, well-engineered and effective solutions for creating healthy water and balancing the natural environment. Their development is the result of years of dedicated work on the part of the core team – scientists, engineers, educators, holistic health care practitioners and passionate others worldwide.

In addition to the structured water treatment devices, we have also created a full line of products which address issues of the dangerous man-made frequencies and other detrimental factors now extant throughout our entire environment.

Today, many companies in North America and around the world are producing and selling structured water treatment of all kinds. These devices do not require electricity or adding chemicals to the water. Instead, they generally depend upon the flow of water passing through the units in which the flow is altered, resulting in the beneficial changes to the water. Some manufacturers add various ingredients or design components to further enhance the water as it experiences the designed turbulence within the unit. The questions that arise include which water enhancement devices actually do what is claimed for them and which units represent the best value for your money.

While we at Crystal Blue Enterprises are familiar with competitive units being marketed around the world, we prefer to leave the buying decision up to you rather than trying to influence you with clever advertising and unsubstantiated marketing claims. But suffice to say, we believe that our products are the most substantial and effective units available at the best price value anywhere in the world. Because of our commitment to provide you with the best products possible, coupled with our confidence in you to make the best decision when provided with the true facts, we do not publish our opinions of specific competitors’ products. Nor do we point out their individual shortcomings in an effort to influence your buying decision. Instead, we prefer to provide verifiable facts and information about our products and their performance and then trust in you to do your own research and comparisons and decide for yourself which products will best meet your individual needs.

What You Should Know About Our Products

All Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units are computer designed and machined, individually hand-crafted precision instruments made of the finest food-grade NSF, ANSI and national and international plumbing code-compliant materials such as surgical grade stainless steel, pure copper and precision ground glass. All of our products contain generous amounts of our proprietary mineral mix which is unique – the best products with the best guarantees for the absolute best prices.

When you are comparing water structuring devices, here are some points to consider:

  • What materials are used in making the device?
  • Does the device contain toxic materials such as harmful plastics, glues and/or PVC (even if the outer shell of the device is wrapped in a thin sheet of stainless steel to purposely deceive you into thinking that the entire unit is made of stainless steel)?
  • How and under what conditions was the device assembled?
  • What is the size and weight of the unit? (It’s important).
  • What guarantees are given?
  • What is the price compared to what you are getting for your money?
  • When you buy the product, you are establishing a relationship with that company. Give some consideration to whom you would trust to not only provide the best product to you, but to relate to you honestly and fairly after your purchase.

We have shared our commitment to provide you with honest reasons and explanations about the Crystal Blue products and how they will benefit you and those you love. But as you know, it is easy to just “talk the big talk.” Our assurances to you are backed up by 100% money back guarantees. If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return your Personal, Domestic, Agricultural or Commercial products in accordance with our liberal return policies for a full refund – no questions asked.​ And each in-line stainless steel water structuring unit comes with a full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, although to be candid about it, these units will no doubt last for generations to come.

Thank you for your consideration of products made by Crystal Blue Enterprises. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to do your due diligence to make sure the products you buy will provide the greatest benefits to you, your family or your company.

Important! Regarding the use of PVC as mentioned above, you may have noticed on their web site that our partners in India (Vijay Precision Dies P Ltd), are temporarily offering Crystal Blue units made of PVC to their local customers due to current economic and supply-chain concerns. There is a valid reason for this.

While we at Crystal Blue understand that the PVC technology will never approach the results that we have obtained with our advanced material technology, as consideration for the fact that many of the local farmers in India can not currently afford our latest generation of USA manufactured products, we have authorized Crystal Blue India to temporarily continue to offer the PVC product line to their clients until we can establish manufacturing in India for the Indian market alone. This will bring the prices down to affordable levels for their respective clients. Yes, I will admit that it was a hard decision for me because of my firm commitment to offer our customers only the finest products…period. But given the immediacy of the situation and of the dire need for us to help, I felt it important to make Crystal Blue Structured Water available as soon as possible to the people of India in the hope of averting more unnecessary suffering due to the lack of readily available structured water.

Our intent is to as soon as possible upgrade the PVC units with the surgical grade stainless steel models at minimal additional cost to our Crystal Blue clients throughout the entire country. But in the meantime, the people of India can be rest assured that even these PVC units (due to our proprietary mineral mix and precision-ground crystal glass spheres), far exceed the performance and benefits of any other similiar products, regardless of price.

About Our Prices

Please know that money is not now (nor will it ever be), the primary motivation behind what we do. As such, you have our commitment that we will always be offering our complete line of products to you through our Authorized Distributors for the lowest prices possible. No gimmicks. No “Package Deals”. No artificially high retail prices with“LOW”…”LOWER”… “LOWEST”! – “ONE TIME ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST”!, “MUST BUY NOW SUPER SALES EVENT PRICE”!(Well, you get what we mean), to deceive you into thinking that you are getting some sort of a great deal. We simply offer you the lowest price possible for you – ALL OF THE TIME.

To prove our point, we invite you to contact one of our fine distributors to find out more about our complete line of Crystal Blue “STRUCTURED WATER” and “FREQUENCY” products and then go to the internet to find other companies out there (there are many of them) all purporting to do what we do, but can’t. Then compare their quality and prices with ours. Go ahead. we will wait.

OK, so what’s it gonna be? Would you rather own a Chevrolet that is dressed up to look like a Mercedes Benz but is still just a Chevrolet…for the high price of the Mercedes? Or, would you prefer instead to be cruising down a smooth highway in a shiny new real Mercedes Benz for the price of the Chevrolet? (figuratively speaking of course).