The Negative Health Effects of Harmful Man Made Electromagnetic Frequencies (and what you can do about it)

​Before getting into the main text of this article, to the left is a picture that we just came across of a cell tower sitting atop a municipal water tower. The reason CBE exists is to hopefully be able to educate the public of the very real danger that harmful EMF’s pose to all of us. Please read on to find out how and why.
Before getting into the negative health effects of man-made electromagnetic frequencies, we will first go into what harmful EMF’s are. Everything in the universe from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxies resonate with and emanate a vast array of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. The same holds true for all living systems – plants, animals and people. In fact, you could say that everything is frequency and that frequency is everything. As there are numerous different types of frequencies, we will focus on those specifically identified as Hertzian waves which travel through the fabric of space and time just like ripples on a pond.

The entire spectrum of electro-magnetic energies (Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared, Visible light, Ultraviolet light, X-rays and Gamma radiation) are all made up of Hertzian waves of differing amplitudes (the height of the waves), and frequencies (the number of complete cycles of the waves passing a fixed point in one second).

As some types of these waves (such as microwaves) travel through the fabric of space and time, they invariably create a chaotic condition in the space immediately surrounding the Herztian wave form itself, similar to when a bullet penetrates a block of ballistics gel which in turn causes the entire block of gel to vibrate. It is this surrounding chaos, not the wave form itself, that interferes with the healthy functioning of the plant and animal cell by disrupting the cell’s natural vibratory frequencies which in turn leads to the cell breaking down and in many cases, even dying.

DNA is the building block of all life. If you take a close look at its actual structure (on the left below) you can see that it is shaped like a spiral staircase (on the right).

DNA structure

Spiral staircase

Besides carrying the genetic code of life, DNA also acts as a receiver for all kinds of frequencies normally present in our natural environment. Since the advent of modern frequency technology, our DNA has increasingly come under continuous assault as it is now subjected to the plethora of harmful man-made frequencies now extant in our modern world.

In addition to conveying genetic information, the DNA also receives, stores and conveys those natural ambient frequencies that all life on earth resonates with and relies upon to sustain itself. In today’s world we are invariably being exposed to harmful man-made frequencies 24 hours a day, with little if any respite from the insult.

Being a receiver, the DNA will begin to resonate with any frequency that it comes in contact with, be it beneficial or harmful. If it is a well balanced natural frequency, the cell will become stronger and more able to sustain itself. But if the frequency is counter to the healthy functioning of the cell’s DNA, the cell will begin to break down and may eventually die in a similar way to how a crystal glass can be shattered using sound alone.

Likewise, this ability of harmful frequencies to shatter cellular DNA is obviously a big part of the reason for the sudden explosion of chronic diseases that we now see running rampant through the entire population. The reality is that we are all literally being sliced, diced, shaken and cooked to death.

​Going back to the previous article on Brain Waves, it should be easy to understand that the brain and entire nervous system are also very susceptible to being damaged (or at the very least interfered with) by harmful EMF’s, as can now be seen in the enormous amount of hard medical evidence that continues to mount.

Another vital system within the body that is definitely negatively affected by harmful EMF is the water that makes up your very body itself.

Going back to the earlier research of Dr. Emoto and others, one can easily see that water itself receives, retains and conveys any frequencies to which it is exposed, be they beneficial or harmful in nature.

Drop of water after being played Beethoven

Same water after being played acid rock.

When you allow yourself to be constantly barraged by harmful frequencies, the water column inside your body is thrown into a chaotic state making it incapable of performing its vital functions to the best of its natural ability.

The following shocking videos are only a few of many that are now appearing on You Tube, all conclusively proving that man-made EMF’s such as cell phones, WiFi and smart meters are causing devastation to plants, animals and people. To dismiss this information is to place both yourself and those you love in harm’s way. Sorry, but there is no other way of saying it…

Here is an excellent in depth explanation specifically defining what harmful frequencies are doing to you and your loved ones.

And here is another video proving the harmful effects of man-made EMF on plants

​And if you have the time (and even if you don’t have the time), and especially if you are pregnant or have children, the following must see video by world-renowned microwave expert and public lecturer Dr. Barry Tower may be THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU WILL EVER SEE!

And here is a video showing the profound ordering effects of the 432 Hertz frequency on water. Please keep in mind that your own body is composed of 70% water!