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Disclaimer: Many of the following Agriculture Testimonials attest to the writers’ beliefs that the Crystal Blue Structured Water technologies have produced positive changes in their health, and in some cases, have even reversed or improved their long-standing and serious medical conditions.

Neither I, Jim Dooley, or any employees or distributors of Crystal Blue Enterprises, make any claims of curing or improving any medical condition through the use of Crystal Blue Structured Water or any other technologies or devices produced by Crystal Blue. The Testimonials that you are about to read are the thoughts and opinions expressed by the writers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the employees or distributors of Crystal Blue.

The following report just came in from Rick Fry, our man on the ground in California.

Hi Jim,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I’ve been traveling for work. I contacted Peter, my citrus grower, and he has not yet harvested. But here is what we do know about this year’s crop. As a bit of background, we installed 4 Crystal Blue Water Structuring devices on 70% of the ranch last April. But because of the unexpected amounts of rain, we had an excellent first harvest, meaning that our yield turned out to be 30% above normal. However, because of a recent typical lack of rain, we calculated that the current yield should be down 35% to 45% from this same time last year. But after finishing our preharvest counts last week, we were ecstatic to realize that we are only down roughly 10% from last year’s record crop which is VERY significant insofar as virtually all of the other farms in the area (who are not yet using the Crystal Blue technology) are expecting their crop yields to be substantially lower, somewhere around a 40% loss. And keep in mind that if we had access to more water, we believe that we may have met or even been able to exceed last year’s bounty!

Peter’s ranch is in the hills. No flat ground at all, and the ground was very hard so water penetration was an issue. Previous to installing the Crystal Blue Water Structuring units, watering had to be done once every 3 hours with a great deal of resulting water loss because the water kept running off down the hill. But since installing the Crystal Blue units, we have been able to extend the watering to once every 18 hours with zero water run off which has saved us 30% in water usage! And one more really great thing, just like you said Jim, our drip emitters have no more scale, and that has saved us a ton of money on equipment maintenance.

Also, we used to use copper and sulfuric acid to help with water penetration, which has obviously harmed the soil. Now, we use nothing at all because the water penetrates straight down into the ground. And the soil is healthier and much more porous!

And here’s even more really great news – we have been able to cut down our pesticides by 40%!

And as far as quality of the fruit, it looks better and tastes better. We don’t do brix testing on this ranch. Nor do we gather scientific data because most of the crop goes straight into juicing. In fact, most farmers around here don’t test their crops either for the same reasons. They are third and fourth generation farmers who inherently know what their crops need just by the way the crops look.

Anyway Jim, hope this helps. We will start the harvest in Jan and continue through July.

Thx again for all you do


Hello Jim,

We installed your structured water unit on one of our pivots for the 2016 season.  We planted irrigated corn on this pivot and saw an increase of 15 bushels of corn for each acre which equated out to our best whole field average since 2009.  This pivot usually gets stuck in the mud several times during the season, but did not get stuck with the water unit installed because the water never pooled but penetrated straight down into the ground.  Also, our corn yield was very even thru out the field.

Dick Stevenson

Selden, Kansas, Stevenson Farms

Hi Jim,

Thank you for the August update. Since installing the 2” Crystal Clue unit on our farm’s main line we have seen an increase in milk production and general overall boost in grazing and crop vitality. The farm staff have also commented on the soft and sweet taste of the drinking water.  Frankly I am sold on the efficacy of the unit and would like to become a distributor if you don’t already have one in Hawaii or on Maui. Let me know your thoughts on that.

Thank you for all your efforts.

Mark Damon

Hawaii, Maui Bees LLC

Cedar Grove Dairy near Platte, South Dakota, has a herd of 500 Holsteins. Before installing two of our water structuring units, the dairy had an average peak milk production of 116.1 lbs per cow. The average peak performance was recorded monthly. The average peak performance increased in April, May and June. When last measured, average peak milk production had stabilized at 119.0 lbs per cow.We built three Broiler Chicken Barns in 2012. We sell our birds to a large buyer who purchases from 25 local producers in our area. In 2015, we installed three Crystal Blue Structured Water units that we bought from Leonard Hostetler.  Before installing the Crystal Blue Structured Watering units, our birds were typically rated as being average among all of the 25 producers, usually somewhere between #s 13 and 20 in the ratings.  After we installed the new units (one in each barn), our birds are now consistently rated in the top 5 among all of the buyers for quality and size.

Thank you Leonard


South Dakota, Cedar Grove Dairy

“I made more money than ever before after installing water structuring units on two of my four chicken houses.”

~Raymond Hostetler, Arkansas

  • When chickens got sick, they recovered more quickly after treatment
  • The chickens in houses with structured water got less complications after being sick than those in houses without structured water
  • Placed above all other regional poultry growers in cost per pound per net gain
  • Ammonia smell was eliminated from the chicken house
  • Chickens were more alert

These are the results we have received from this Poultry farm after 8 weeks of using Crystal Blue Structured Water:

The chickens were 56 weeks old, previously affected by respiratory problems in a pyramid shed that is 17 years old. Chicken related Observations:

  1. a) Increased water consumption in 12% (this is good because it means that the chickens drank water whenever they desired. They need to be as comfortable as possible.)
  2. b) Increase in weight: 1.6%.
  3. c) Recovery after eggs laid increased more than 15% (meaning an increase in the number of chickens laying eggs).

Equipment related Observations:

  1. a) The sediments in the small containers, located before the nipple from where the chickens drink water, disappeared.
  2. b) There was a considerable reduction in the mineral buildup of the pipes.
  3. c) There was a considerable reduction in the mineral buildup in the nipples, recovering their functionality to 100%.
Raymond Hostetler


An investment of $3,000 resulted in a return of $80,000 in additional profits in just one year. With no need for further investment or maintenance, these units will continue to generate profits for the Cedar Grove Dairy for generations to come.

South Dakota, Cedar Grove Dairy