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Benefits – People, Plants, Animals,
Plumbing and Machinery

The Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units consistently prove their effectiveness in enhancing health and productivity for plants, animals, soils, people and the environment…for all livestock and for every agricultural crop, as well as in-home use. They also have been shown to provide a return on investment unequalled by any other agricultural product on the market today. These units are clearly among the most valuable water treatment and water conditioning tools available for all residential, garden, livestock and agricultural operations – from the backyard to the greenhouse to large-scale commercial applications, and our customers worldwide agree!


Maximizes hydration
Boosts immune system
​Increases nutrient uptake
Increases O2 and H2 levels
Increases electrolytes

Increases cellular hydration
Increases detoxification
Increases blood flow
Aids digestive system
Softens hair and skin




Reduces water consumption by 25% – 30%
Increases plant hydration
Increases mineral uptake
Increases nutrient density
Increases growth rate
Increases percolation rate
Increases transpiration
Decreases evaporation
Reduces need for fertilizers and pesticides
Plants withstand lower freezing temperatures
Decreases irrigation costs
Up to 50% higher yields
Increased profits!


Reduces or eliminates smell of chlorine
Cleans off toxic chemicals from fruits and vegetables
Reduces buildup throughout plumbing
Reduces or eliminates hard-water deposits
Appliances and plumbing parts last longer
Dissolves calcium and iron deposits in plumbing lines
Saves time and money on equipment replacement
Sparkling dishes
Reduces amount of soaps and detergents needed
Reduces soap scum in shower

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For Farmers and Ranchers: We would appreciate it if you would record the results you are seeing from using the Crystal Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units and send them to us so that we can share with others.


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