Hype About “Eliminating Harmful EMF”

I have read a lot lately about other companies all purporting to be able to eliminate harmful EMF’s. Let me say for the record that eliminating EMF’s from your environment is not possible short of creating what is known as a Faraday cage whereby you completely enclose yourself and in a shell of protective material such as copper, steel or silver. Obviously, for most of us this is not a viable option.

The Crystal Blue EMF Protective Technologies [EC-1 and Biophsonic Coil] approach the problem from a different perspective. Rather than “eliminating the harmful EMF”, we simply disrupt the negative effects of man made EMF’s thereby allowing you to use your WiFi or cell phone without having to worry about them doing damage to you.

Because the EC-1 and Biophosonic Coil utilize the healthy frequencies of 432 Hz (and it’s hundreds of harmonics), they will not register as doing anything beneficial at all on any frequency measuring device typically used to “prove” that other “frequency eliminating” products are working better than the our devices. On the contrary, because the EC-1 and Biophosonic Coil frequencies are registering on those measuring devices is evidence that the devices are working and doing exactly what it was designed to do!

Permit me to explain. The frequency measuring devices are measuring radio and magnetic energies without discriminating between healthy and unhealthy energies. Because the EC-1 and Biophosonic Coil are broadcasting in the radio and magnetic frequency band widths, the measuring devices will simply quantify the information without defining whether or not the frequencies being detected are healthy or unhealthy.

A better way to determine if any device is enhancing your health and environment is to test for whether or not it is having a beneficial effect on the energy of your own body. There are two empirical ways that I know of to do this. The first is with the use of a device known as the “Bio-Well”. This is a device that was developed by the renowned scientist and frequency researcher Dr. Konstantin Karotkov of Russia.

The Bio-Well precisely measures the life-energy field of any living system in a way that is similar to the older Kirilian cameras, only much better. The EC-1 is currently being tested on the Bio Well and we will have those results back soon, although based on our preliminary testing, the units are even more effective at eliminating the deleterious effects of harmful man made EMF than any other device ever developed.

The second method of testing is to have the real time effects of the 432 frequency measured using a device known as the Cymascope. This unique device records the impact of various frequencies on pure water. If you have not done so already, I would suggest that you read the entire article entitled “HEALTHY NATURAL FREQUENCIES” that is listed under the FREQUENCIES section in the menu bar at the top of this page. In it, I not only explain in much more detail about how the 432 Hz frequency enhances your life functions, but I also go into much more detail about the miraculous results of the Cymascope as well.